Our main goal is to provide scholarships for those desiring to become part of the vast construction field.

PGCA is proud to have contributed scholarships funds for Pueblo Community College students, Colorado State University students, District 70’s new AMAC program, as well as individual students connected to the contracting community.

Our scholarship funding comes from member events such as the annual PGCA Golf Tournament.

PCC Foundation Scholarship

Enrolled students at Pueblo Community College may apply for the PCC Foundation Scholarship. Please visit their web site, or contact the PCC Foundation for more information.

CSU Scholarship

Currently enrolled students at Colorado State University Pueblo may apply for a scholarship on the CSU-P web site.  For more details about this scholarship program, please contact your CSU Financial Services representative.

AMAC Donation

AMAC is the Academy of Manufacturing, Agriculture, and Construction at Pueblo County High School. Pueblo General Contractors are proud to lend their support to this program that provides our community youth with pathways into careers in skilled trades. For more information, please visit their web site.

Scholarship for Career Enhancement in Construction

A unique program designed to assist employees who want to advance their careers and enhance their skills in the construction industry who are not enrolled in a full-time college program.
Employees taking these courses will be reimbursed for books and fees upon presentation of a paid receipt and evidence of having satisfactorily completed the course with a “B” average or a certificate of completion. Maximum reimbursement will be $500 per course, with a lifetime maximum of $5,000.

Steps to Apply for Funding
• Recipients must be employed by a Pueblo General Contractor Association member
• Fill out an online application
• Forward all documents (receipts and certificates of completion) to the PGCA Scholarship Committee:

The committee and the amount of funds available will select recipients and determine the amount of the award.
Courses at any accredited Pueblo school are accepted.
Under special circumstance courses outside of Pueblo and Colorado may be accepted with
prior approval.
In addition, the following are examples of additional courses that are acceptable as long as they are of benefit to the employee and the construction industry:
• Code classes
• Construction Law
• Craft certifications
• Seminars
Pick a class and sell it to the Scholarship Committee and “away we go”!

Correspondence may be sent via mail:

Pueblo GCA Scholarship Fund

P.O. Box 3563
Pueblo, CO 81005

Four-Year Program Scholarship

PURPOSE: To provide financial assistance to persons enrolled in courses that prepare them for careers in the construction industry.

Eligibility: Association members, their children, and employees who are enrolled in accredited programs courses or Trade Schools. Students who have previously completed [“B”] or better their first year in a construction-related field at an accredited school in Pueblo.

Funding: Approved students enrolled at an accredited school shall receive their Scholarship Funds after turning in a copy of their grades and a receipt of expenses to the PGCA Scholarship Committee.

The amount of the award will be determined by the Committee and the amount of funds available.

Requirements: Scholarships applicants must meet the following to establish and maintain eligibility

Maintain a “B” average

Forward documents to the Scholarship Committee:

Apply online with this application


Correspondence may also be sent via mail:

Pueblo GCA Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 3563
Pueblo, CO 81005